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Work Items


by madhatter13
Dec 2, 2014
1:59 AM

Being evaluated

This patch is from my fork on Bitbucket:

* Applied patches by TOgburn and Dlaha
* Fixed some bugs related to auto-crop
* Removed separate "crop" file which was created when auto-crop was enabled (map exporter can now decide how this information will be written)
* Added MonoGame sprite sheet map exporter
* Implemented "Add Folder" button in GUI
* Added support for animated GIFs
* Improved efficiency of image packing
* Added support for image rotation


by Gajoo
Mar 23, 2013
8:07 PM

Being evaluated

added plist exproter. tested with cocos2d-2.0-x-2.0.4, it works perfectly.


by Dlaha
Mar 5, 2013
12:12 PM

Being evaluated

Autocrop in patch by TOgburn wasn't working for me. So I fixed that.


by Aralox
Apr 8, 2012
8:30 AM

Being evaluated

Fixed a small bug in previous patch - swapped around the comment line with the xml declaration line in the skin, due to errors with Miyagi reading the skin.


by Aralox
Mar 29, 2012
1:23 PM

Being evaluated

I pulled and modified TOgburn's recent patch (ID: 11743).


- Added Skin exporter for the Miyagi GUI system, used with the Mogre engine (Managed Ogre) see

- Created a 'MapInfo' class, which is a container for information such as image size and name. This class also contains a ToUv() method.

- Changed the IMapExporter's Save() method to also take a MapInfo parameter (eg. so map exporters can easily export UV info)

- Modified all the map exporters to conform with my changes to IMapExporter (which also cleaned up the .uvtxt exporter)


by TOgburn
Mar 13, 2012
12:02 AM

Being evaluated

Added a new text exporter (.uvtxt) that exports the positions in UV Coordinates (values between 0 and 1).
Added the ability to autocrop all images to the same, smallest common, size. It is useful when you need every image to be a fixed height/width.
Added a textbox that shows the command line arguments used on export. It is useful when you want to use the UI to edit all the parameters, then copy the command line to make a batch file.


by TOgburn
Jan 26, 2012
4:37 PM

Being evaluated

removed TestSprites directory
Upgraded project from VS2008 to VS2010
Map file now has values sorted by key (original file name) on export
Directories can be added either via the command line or in the input file by using a * (ex: directoryName\*). This will add all files in that directory.

Added an option to autocrop alpha from images to pack them even more. When this option is active then an additional map file will be exported with a _crop name (ex: mapFile_crop.xml). This additional file has the format rectangle(originalWidth, originalHeight, offsetX, offsetY).


by vita
Aug 2, 2011
7:29 AM

Being evaluated

Recursive adding images in folders.



by ferranferri
Jun 3, 2011
10:36 PM

Being evaluated

First to all, I want to thank you by your nice work with the packer. I did an exporter to export maps in a lua language friendly format (instead of txt or xml). The format is like this:

local sheet_tests = {};
sheet_tests["amg1_bk1"] = { X = 0, Y = 0, Width = 32, Height = 32 };
sheet_tests["amg1_bk2"] = { X = 34, Y = 0, Width = 32, Height = 32 };
sheet_tests["amg1_fr1"] = { X = 68, Y = 0, Width = 32, Height = 32 };
sheet_tests["amg1_fr2"] = { X = 0, Y = 34, Width = 32, Height = 32 };
sheet_tests["amg1_lf1"] = { X = 34, Y = 34, Width = 32, Height = 32 };

Then you can access in this way:

The best part is that you can only need a few lines to parse all the format as lua does the rest of the parsing work.
So, please, feel free to distribute them with your code if you like



by Roonda
Mar 25, 2010
3:33 PM


I've integrated my changes with the latest check in (38778).

Added user settings for:
- Map Extension
- Image Extension
- Max Width
- Max Height
- Padding
- PowOf2
- Square

Also removed the feature where it updates your image file name when you change the map filename.

NB, not having used the app.Config approach before (where user settings are stored in AppData), this issue caught me out. When building and running it from VS, it will change the exe guid, therefore your settings are restored to the defaults.

Applied Mar 26, 2010: Good stuff. I did a bit of tweaking to the patch (so that saving was on exit and not build) as well as supporting the "Generate Map?" option. I also changed the default image extension to png and did a little clean up to put Settings.settings and app.config in the main project folder. Lastly I fixed the issue with the settings changing; it was actually the version number in Assembly.cs was specified with a * so each build had a subtly different version number. Now the version is a fixed (for now).


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