Command line search mode

Dec 21, 2010 at 11:23 AM


first off can i say great program. i love it. seems to be the only useful program out there like it!

ok let me start with what im trying to do:
i have a folder with lots of folders with images in each and i need to  generate a sprite sheet for the set of images in each folder

so i have:
and so on i need a sprite sheet called 1 for all the images in C:\images\1 and so on.

so the best method for this is the search method:
i tried using
sspack.exe image: 1out.jpg c:\images\1\*.jpg

but it just says no images to pack. ive tried various methods of wildcard and tryping the address and location and tried having sspack in the same folder but it does not help.

what am i doing wrong, can you help?

Many thanks